The italian flag with extra flair
An map of and it's areas

  • Population:60,605,053
  • Area: 116324sqmi (301,277sqkm)
  • Major cities: Milan, Turin, Rome, and Naples
  • Resources/exports: motor vehicles,chemicals,electric,food,and clothing

Most people in Italy are Christians, with very few people who believe in other Religons, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism,Sikhism, and Judasim. 91.6 % is christian society,1.9 % Islam, .3% Buddhism, .2% Hinduism, .1% Sikhism, and .1% Judaism, making 5.8% not believe in anything. The Italian Catholic church is part of the roman catholic church under spiritual leadership of the Pope Curia in Rome.The traditions in Italy include family, visiting friends and relatives, food, and opera. Opera in Italy began in the year 1637.They had an idea that they should do a season (Carnival) supported by ticket sales emerged in Venice.There is only one official language in Italy, which, of course, is Italian. Italian is a descendant of the Tuscan dialect and a direct descendant of Latin .Food in Italy includes wine, coffee, pasta, lasagna, foraccia, gelato and, of course, pizza. Pizza dates back to the old days of the Greeks and Romans. The Greek's covered there bread with oils, and they called them Pita, meaning pie. The Roman's made Planceta, a flat bread covered in honey and Cheese, and flavored with basil.

An example of the italian gelato
An example of the italian pizza


The very north of Italy is very flat, but when you start going south, it gets quite mountainous in the center. Around the edges it is flat and there are a few beaches around there.About 70% of Italy is mountainous.The total area of Italy is about 116,346sqmi (301,338km(2)), with 2.4% of it water.Mont Blanc is the largest and tallest mountain in Italy, and Garda is the largest lake (367.94 km2/142 sq mi) in Italy. The Po is Italy's Longest river at 652km/405mi. The second largest lake in Italy is lake Maggiore at 212.51sqkm (82sqmi).

 Lake Garda, The largest lake in Italy
Lake Garda, The largest lake in Italy




The capital of Italy is Rome, located in the Italy province in the Lazio region.The Lazio region is Located south of Umbria , Abrusso and Toscana, and west of Campania. Rome is about 1,285.31sqkm (496.3sqmi) . Some of the many attractions in Rome include the colusseum, Fontana Ditrevi,the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, and the Vatican City. The Vatican city in Rome is a very popular attraction because it is supposedly the birthplace of Roman Catholicism. Important parts of the econymy in Rome are the Cinema industry,Fashion, Commerce, communications and transport, and, Obviously, Tourism.

St Peter's Cathedral in the vatican city
St Peter's Cathedral in the vatican city