All About Italy!
Italy is a cool place to visit. The capital is Rome (Roma). Italy is approxamently 116,324square miles. They have a population of about 60million. Major cities consist of, Rome, Naples, Turin, and Milan. Major exports include, engineering products, textiles and clothing, production machinery, motor vehicles, and transport equitment. There are many landmarks, oceans, seas, and gulfs here is a list of some. Gulf of Salerno, Gulf of Taronto, Adreatic Sea, Guld of Venice, Str. of Otranto, Lonian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenia Sea, Gulf of Napoti, Ligurian Sea, Gulf of Genova, Po River, and Logo Di GardoLogo Di Gardo!
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logo di gardo!

Italy has many Religons but these are the names of the most known.99% are Roman catholic, a small number of prostants, jews, and greek orthodox. They also have a number of languages. They speek tuscany french slovene, german, and fruilian. those are all the languages they speak. So if you go there learn some of there languages.

They also have holidays like us here are some of their holidays. New years day, liberation day(april 25), labor day(may1), feast day, easter, scorppio del carro, a sconion day, and pallio. These are of their national holidays. They might have more but these arethere most known holidays

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An Easter in Italy!

The major city I am going to choose to talk about is Rome. Rome is about the size of London. Rome alsois in the Lazio region of Central Italy on the Tipar river. Staple food was simple, generally consumed at around 11 o’clock, and consisted of bread, salad, Olives, cheese, fruit, nuts, and cold meat left over from the dinner the night before. Breakfast was called ientaculum, lunch was prandium, and dinner was called cena. Appetizers were called gustatio, and dessert was called secunda mensa (or second table) a nap or rest followed this. Click this link for a picture of pasta- italy pasta. Ball playing was a popular sport in Rome. Youth assembled to play and exercise, which included jumping, and Racing. Riding, Throwing and swimming were also preferred physical activitie The most famous attraction was the Roman colosseum. It was built for battles and could seat around 50,000 people
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Roman colosseum