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Italy is located at 43N, 13S. It is approximately 116, 324 sq. miles (301, 277 sq. kilometers.) In 2010 there were 60, 221, 211 people living in Italy. Italy has the fifth most dense population in Europe; it is about 500 people per sq. mile (200 people per sq. kilometer.) The Italian flag is green, white and red.

Major Cities The capital of Italy is Rome.Some of the major cities are Venice (Venezia),a small city built on water, Florence (Firenze), which is the most popululated city in Tuscany, with 367,569 inhabitants.Also, Milan ( Milano), Naples (Napoli), and Turin (Torino) an industrial, European city.
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The Flavian Amphitheater in Rome.

Famous Landmarks

Italy has many landmarks. Some of the famous landmarks are the Stromboli Volcano that is located at 38.789N, 15.213E, is 3,031 ft.above sea level, and is a ongoing Stratovolcano. Mt. Etna Volcano that is at 37. 73N, 15.00E, 10,922 ft.above sea level, and is a Shield Volcano. River Po is 405 miles long and and is the longest river in Italy. River Tiber,252 miles long, and the main watercourse for Rome. Mont Blanc which means" White Mountains." is 15, 782 feet tall. The Apennines is a group of mountains located at 43N, 13E. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous tourist attraction that is built on unstable soil and is 1117 to 137 feet high.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The food in Italy is delicious. There, they have over four- hundred types of cheeses, such as Assiago, made from whole cow's milk, Gorgonzola, a blue veined Italian Blue cheese, and so much more. Italy also has a wide range of wines, gelalto flavors, pizzas, pastas, truffles, prosciutto, olive oils, balsamic vinegar and many other fine dishes and seasoning.

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The most common religion in Italy is Roman Catholic. Although there is a small amount of people who are Protestants, Jews, and Greek Orthodox. Seventy- four percent of Italians believe there is a God. Sixteen percent say there is a spirit or life force and six percent do not believe there is anything.

The language spoken in Italy is Italian and the people are called Italians.

One major city in Italy is Venice. Venice is an interesting part of Italy because it is built in the middle of a lagoon on the water. The only way to get there is by a Monorail or boat. There is no cars in Venice. There is only boats. To get where you want, you must either walk or take a taxi boat. There are many museums, palaces, and churches. Venice is known to be very romantic and beautiful. It is approximately 116, 000 sq. miles in area.

The Rialto Bridge in Venice.imgres
The Rialto Bridge in Venice.imgres
Gondola ride nearing the Rialto Bridge in Venice. imgres

Culture They love visiting friends and listening to music. Family is very important to them. Italians often have lunch with family and friends. Italians make great wedding celebrations. Like America, they also use diamond rings for proposals. The weddings are very romantic in Italy. The man must ask his future wives father for his blessing. If he says no, the couple may not be able to marry.
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Wedding on a Gondola in Venice.