This is my country i am doing. The United Kingdom or for short the UK

Facts About U.K

One important part of the culture is the royal family such as Queen Elizabeth. Their food is fish and potatos more on the deep fried side like fried candybars. They also hunt for food from the ocean and not as much from the land. Their languages are English but there are many differnant languages in the United Kingdom. Their religion is going to a church mostly Catholic and Christian but they have 50 differnent churches that worship in different ways in London`s coasts.

this is the main city of London
this is the main city of London

The Population of the United Kingdom

The population is 60.9 Million people who live in the United Kingdom today. People often live in the main cities such as London because they have fresh markets and it is a friendly and nice coumunity to live in.


This is fried ice cream

Their foods are usually greasy. Their favorite food is fish and chips. Also, they eat the weirdest things like fried Snickers. It is just like a sweet corn dog. One thing that is good is they eat vegetables not only fried food.



Their religion is Christian/Catholic.

go to h they differnt religions like Jewish, Muslem all in the main cities of London. They also are good with the America traditions but their languages have changed a bit. They are starting new things like indian and other churches. I like there caslest made in the 1800s it was the most thing related to the royal army in London and England.

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These are the main landmarks of the United Kingdom. They have

the London brige and the London eye. They also have royal churches that have been refurbished for people that go to church. Also they have a intresting landmark the lady of the north. Another main event is the white piller it is ice and spring mixed in one rock.

stone headge

Physical Geagraphy: The geagraphy is of the United Kingdom is? it is at the bottom.

land: 241,930 sq km

water: 1,680 sq km

total: 243,610 sq km

costline12,429 km