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England is located in the SouthEastern area of the United Kingdom. It is about 50,346 square miles(130,395km) with a population of 12-14 million people.Most of them are centraled in London, because it is the most culturly diverse city in Europe and is also the education capital of Europe. London contains multiple universities and around 300 languages although England's main language is English. London also brings many tourist to England for attractions and landmarks like the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliment and the many and various statues. London is divided into two areas, central and main London. Central London is at the center and is the original city, it is usually called the Heart of London. Main London is the newer and bigger area surrounding central London and contains most of the schools, factories and businesses.


The people of England have a large demand for meat, both seafood, and ranch animals. In medival

times pigs were the most favored live stock because they would eat almost anything, so the farmer did

not have to spend much on food. Because the country is right next to the English Channel, fishermen

can make a good living. Perhaps the most famous English dish is "Fish'n Chips". Thier favorite drink

was tea until it was replaced by coffee.

Phisical Features

Most England is flat countryside. Because of its position near the north it is fairly cold there, thats why crops do

not grow well. England's largest inland waterway is the Thames river. The Engalish Channel is the largest waterway

in Europe.


England has many cultures and religens in its borders but the main religeon there is Christian, Lutheran or Catholic.

Much of England celebrates most of the holidays we do here. Most of England celebrates all religeous holidays.

Like most countries England has natural resources like; iron, natural gas, oil, coal and variuos metals.
England also has a large tourist industry. Some people come to be scholars, most tourists come for
the landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Stone Hendge and more. Most of the fisherman
inEngalnd are near the English Channel, where majority of the countries seafood comes from. Their
money is in a form called Euros