Norway is located in the northern part of Europe which borders the North Sea, the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and lies west of Sweden. The total area of Norway is 323, 802 square kilometers. The weather in Norway is temperate along the coast & is cold and rainy all year long. Norway's natural resources are; petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, titanium, pyrite, nickel, fish, timber and hydro power. Norway is part of a country that used to be called Scandivania. Also, it is the most elevated part of the Scandivanian Peninsula. Most of Norway's landforms are eroded, rounded mountains, plateaus and numerous valleys. Most of the mountains reach the elevation 4,000 - 6,000 ft. The highest point in Norway is called Galdhöpiggen, which is 8,166 ft. above sea level. There are alot of lakes and streams in Norway. The largest lake in Norway is called Lake Mjösa, which covers 140 miles. And, the longest stream in Norway is called Glomma, which is about 370 miles in length.

external image galdhopiggen.jpg
Here is a picture of Galdhöpiggen, which is the highest point of Norway.


The population of Norway is 4, 691, 849 people. The religions that the Norwegian people worship are; The church of Norway, Pentecostal, Roman Caothlic, other Christian, Muslim and, other. The languages that the Norwegian people speak are Bokmol Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian.

external image opernhaus_oslo_download.jpg
This is a picture of the capital city of Norway, Olso.


Their government is a constitional monarchy. Norway's capital city is Olso. Norway is got their independence on June 7, 1905. Theor national holiday is Constitution Day which is celebrated on May 17.

Major Cities

Here is a list of all of the major cities in Norway; Arendal, Bergen, Bodo, Christiansand, Drammen, Hamar, Hermansverk, Kristiansand Sor, Kristiansand, Lillehammer, Molde, Moss, Nidaros, Skien, Stanvanger, Stanvenger, Stienkjer, Stenkjaer, Tonsberg, Tromso, Trondheim, Trondhejem and, Vadso.

The picture above is the Norwegian krone in dollar bill form.


Norway's currency is called the Norwegian krone. The Norwegian krone is worth more than the U.S dollar. For example, $100 U.S. dollars is equal to $539 Norwegian krone.

About Food

Some of Norway's local foods are smoked salmon, whale steak or, Fiskepudding. Every year the people of Norway celebrate the different kinds of foods that are in their culture and country. This celebration is known as the Norwegian Food Festival. Some of the most popular foods are; Fattingman, Krumkake, Lefse, Lapskaus, Kjokkaker and, Kringla.

This picture is about the local dessert named " kringla".


In modern-day Norway, most of the couples that live together are not married. In business, women are highly respected and recieve equal pay & promotion. In recent years, Norwegian people have become well educated, democratic, and are willing to pay very high taxes in exchange for the government to provide for healthcare, unemployment benefits, and other social needs.

Folklore plays a big part in Norway's culture and heritage. Most of Norway's stories are about Christmas customs. Nisse is a little elf that guards animals and plays tricks on children. He is thought of like a " Santa Claus" to the Norwegian people. Another figure in Norway's folklore is a goat-like Julebukk that goes back to the Vikings.

Norway's traditional, national costume is called Bunad, which is an elaborate costume dating back tot he 1800s with a lot of embroidery, jewelry and 200 different variations. It is part of Norway's culture to wear the Bund and dance to the folk music at pecial celebrations, weddings and especially on May 17.

What these women are wearing are the traditional clothing that the Norwegian used to wear in the olden days. Which was when there used to be Vikings. Some of the " bunads" date backto the time of the Vikings.